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How To Help Kitsap Youth In Action


Creating volunteer and service learning opportunities for all

Kitsap County youth.


Kitsap Youth in Action (KYA)
KYA engages youth living in Kitsap County, grades 7 through 12, in a variety of service learning projects throughout Kitsap County.  KYA also provides youth leadership opportunities in partnership with Kitsap County Commission on Children and Youth (KCCCY) and through life-skills training programs.

Additionally, KYA offers tutoring, opportunities to earn community service hours, creative service activities and a safe environment where youth can learn and grow. KYA inspires lasting healthy relationships with peers and adults through mentoring. We empower youth through working models that help create a sense of community ownership while building positive ideals and social competencies.

*All of our activities offered are free of charge!

KYA serves non-profit partner organizations and businesses in our community, including Bremerton Community Theater, Bremerton Backpack Brigade, Bremerton Parks and Recreation, KCR Christmas Angel and many others. Members are offered class credits through their Career and Technical Education classes and some earn hours towards their position in the honor society.

KYA meets every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. at Kitsap Community Resources 845 8th Street Bremerton WA 98337. For further information, come by the office or contact Melody Collingsworth at (360)-473-2017 or email her at mcollingsworth@kcr.org. Please also like our page on Facebook and stay up to date on meetings and future projects.

All youth living in Kitsap County and in grades 7 through 12 are welcome in the Kitsap Youth in Action program. Youth volunteers who wish to remain in the program after high school graduation may do so as adult KYA volunteers. All applicants must pass a background check to participate in KYA activities.  Youth volunteerism encompasses all skill levels and abilities. A willingness to help others and follow directions are all that is required.

Application & Required Documents

KYA Volunteer Application Form

Youth Intake Questionnaire

Emergency Release Form



Creating volunteer and service learning opportunities for youth in Kitsap County!


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