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1/2016 Entrepreneur Training BE$T Program

11/2016 Veterans Homelessness

9/2015   Marking 50 Years Of Giving Kids A Head Start

8/2015 Advocates For Homelessness Want More On Their Side

4/2015 Homelessness Rises In Kitsap

4/2014 Organization Pools $1 Million To Fight Poverty in Kitsap County

11/10/13 KCR Featured in "Employer Spotlight"

10/16/13 New S. Kitsap Housing For Low-Income

2/27/13 KCR BE$T Program

8/20/12: An Alternative To Panhandling

8/8/12: United Way Helps KCR Collect Back To School Supplies

7/8/12: New Center Helps Navigate Homeless

7/6/12: Youth Give City A Fresh Coat of Paint

6/15/12: KCR Releases 2011Annual Report

4/14/12: Tokens For Homeless

2/1/12:  Many miss tax credit

1/19/12:  Utility Assistance

1/12/12: Helping Hands 

12/9/11:  Non-profits benefit from local schools' food drives

12/8/11:  Cold Weather Shelter Season Begins

11/29/11:  KCR Seeks Matching Grant Funds For New South Kitsap Facility

11/19/11: KCR provides 600 lunches a day to Chuckwagon Senior Nutrition Program, Head Start centers, and KMH

10/15/11:  KCR Executive Director, Larry Eyer, comments on Veterans And Human Services Levy

9/31/11:  Smith Natural Play Park Opens

9/19/11:  Jackson Village Breaks Ground

8/22/11:  KCR's A Winner at Weatherization

7/21/11:  On The Job Announcements

6/27/11:  Tent City Closes

6/22/11:  Weatherization Success Story

6/21/11:  AmeriCorps Receives Funding For 2012

5/5/11:  Kitsap Community Resources Brochure Updated

4/18/11:  Inside KCR Newsletter April 2011

2/5/11:  KCR E-Newsletter

1/11/11:  Port Orchard Home For Sale To Eligible Family

12/11/09: Central Kitsap Reporter So Many Gifts, So Much Need for Kitsap Kids

12/11/09: Kitsap Sun Kitsap Homes Get a Weatherizing Boost, Courtesy of Enron

KCR Reports: December Electronic Newsletter (.pdf)

11/17/09: Kitsap Sun Advocates Call for a "Safe Park" for the Homeless in Every Kitsap City

11/05/09: Kitsap Business Journal KCR Executive Director, Larry Eyer, Marks 30 Years on the Job

10/27/09: Kitsap Sun Two Severe-Weather Shelters Chosen for Coming Winter

KCR Reports: October Electronic Newsletter (.pdf)

10/16/09: Kitsap Sun Volunteers Pitch In to Help Keep Kitsap Warm

Inside KCR: Fall 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)

9/28/09: Kitsap Sun Changes Will Make Healthy Food More Accessible to WIC Clients

9/21/09: Kitsap Sun Affordable Options Growing Amid Housing Market's Dip

9/14/09: Bremerton Patriot Low-income Kitsap residents could qualify for weatherization program

8/27/09: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap Devotes $671,645 Grant to Buying 'Transitional' Housing

8/18/09: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap Schools Note Increase in Ranks of Homeless Students

8/5/09: AmeriCorps Graduation: Aug. 25 at Sons of Norway

KCR Reports: August Electronic Newsletter (.pdf)

7/27/09: Kitsap Sun: Stimulus Money Will Warm Homes, Pockets of Contractors

7/16/2009: Kitsap Sun: 'Safe Park' Effort for Kitsap's Homeless Gains Momentum

7/14/2009: Kitsap Sun: Parking Spaces Sought for Homeless Families

7/13/2009: Gov. Gregoire Announces $30 Million in Recovery Funds for Weatherization

7/12/2009: Kitsap Sun: Demand Outstrips Kitsap's Limited Supply of Affordable Housing Options

Inside KCR: Summer 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)

6/26/2009: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap County Working to Maintain Program for Homeless Families

6/17/2009: Kitsap Sun: In Kitsap, Many Called to AmeriCorps Service

6/11/2009: Bremerton Patriot: KCR’s WorkFirst programs See ‘Unprecedented’ Increase in Clients

KCR Reports: June Electronic Newsletter (.pdf)

5/31/2009: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap Agencies Trying to Pick Up Slack From Cash-Strapped State

5/19/2009: Bremerton Patriot: KCR Head Start Gives Kids, Families Hands-On Garden Experience

4/28/2009: Kitsap Sun: More in Kitsap Paying Off Their Fines With Hard Work

4/18/2009: Kitsap Sun: Groups Preparing for the Rollback of Health Social Programs

April KCR Reports: April Electronic Newsletter (.pdf)

Inside KCR: Spring 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)

3/31/2009: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap Homeless Population Growing, Survey Finds

3/10/2009: The Olympian: Olympic College Student Turns Life Around for her Kids

2/12/2009: Super Saturday: Financial information fair on Feb. 21, 2009

2/09/2009: KCR Reports Feb Newsletter

2/05/2009: Bremerton Patriot: Operation: Connect Accomplishes Mission

1/29/2009: Bremerton Patriot: KCR Working to Protect Homes Through Weatherization
1/27/2009: Kitsap Sun: Kitsap Homless Count Set for Thursday, Friday.

1/23/2009: Bremerton Patriot: Reaching Out to the Homeless.

Inside KCR: Winter 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)

1/10/2009: Kitsap Sun: Parking Spaces Set Aside for Kitsap's Homeless.

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