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Success Stories
KCR's Christmas Angel Program Gave My Family its First Magical Christmas
AmeriCorps Volunteer Erin Blair Mentors Students at Jackson Park through Tutoring
Community Jobs Participant Key to Severe Weather Shelter Success
Energy Assistance Prevents Shut-Off
Fourth-Generation Kitsap Resident Receives WIA Services
The Parenting Place Helps Emily Realize Her Potential
The "Weld Jig Queen" Receives Weatherization Services
When Tyrisha Starts Over, She Finds that the Pieces Fall into Place
"To the KCR Family"
A Career Change for Charles Becomes a Catalyst for Many More
New Opportunities Open Up for Single Mom
Head Start Offers More Than Education to Mom, Son
Aura and Community Jobs
Transitional Housing Success Story: Ericka
….With Sincere Gratitude, Sara
Linda and Head Start Naval Avenue
Bremerton Foodline Employs KCR Clients through Community Jobs Program
Roger B. and The Parenting Place
Dawn and Weatherization
Dorothy and Weatherization
Above & Beyond Award - AmeriCorps Member Tammy Pepi
From the Family Car to Transitional Housing

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