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"My children make me want to push myself. Growing up, I experienced a rough childhood with a mom who had passed away and a dad who eventually landed in jail. But my children see a mom who has grown up and is proud of herself. They know I can do it, even when times are hard. My family gives me so much hope. I feel blessed every day."

Emily entered KCR's Parenting Place classes at a time in her life where she struggled with sobriety and the desire to be a better mom. The classes opened her eyes to a better way to parent, to discipline, to nurture, and to love. She has been clean for four years.

"I would leave those classes and just want to run and hug and kiss my children and hold them tight. I continued taking classes through the Parenting Place and Olympic College, because there was so much to learn - so much I never knew about."

"At the same time, I was setting a better example for my daughters. Rather than sitting around the house all day, they saw me studying and reading and doing homework. My three-year-old asked, 'Mommy - I want to do homework, too!' What three-year-old wants to do homework?"

Emily recently began the Community Jobs program at KCR, and hopes to join AmeriCorps or start a career after obtaining her GED, which she is currently pursuing through Olympic College. She and her long-time boyfriend have been paying their rent on their own place for a year and a half, and are saving up to buy their own place.

"I feel like KCR has done so much for me, and I've accomplished so much in my time here to become a better person, that I wanted to give back. I volunteered at the food bank for several months, and it was such a blessing to be that happy face or that helping hand for people who needed it."

"I feel like I've been given another chance in life, and I deserve that chance - because I can do it!"


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