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Jason had a sense of civic duty drilled into him at an early age. He recalls his grandfather pulling over to assist at the scene of a traffic accident and turning to him and asking him to relinquish his beloved pillow. When Jason protested, his grandfather reminded him that he would be helping someone in need. That sealed the deal.

Since age 16, he has been involved with emergency services in some fashion, from serving as a volunteer firefighter to assisting in relief efforts at the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina. In his career, he worked as a radio disc jockey, interviewing celebrities and sports stars.

A self-proclaimed Mama’s Boy, Jason moved to Kitsap County to assist his mother take care of a terminally-ill family member. When he had a hard time finding work in the radio business, his mom urged him to seek assistance. He delayed visiting DSHS for a while, thinking in the back of his mind that as a man, a real man, he shouldn’t need to rely on anyone but himself. However, as a responsible father of a 14-year old son, he knew that things couldn’t go on the way they were for much longer.

Upon arriving at KCR, he realized that through the Community Jobs program he would have access to opportunities that otherwise would have been hard to find. He embraced the training classes that KCR offered, and even spent two months facilitating some of the Life Skills classes for other clients.

When an opportunity opened at the Kitsap County of Emergency Management, Jason was the perfect fit. His first month on the job provided him with the experience of serving as Volunteer Coordinator for the Severe Weather Shelter program. He reviewed applications of over 150 volunteer candidates, scheduled volunteer shifts, managed logistics of the shelter, and developed a volunteer training course.

“This experience has given me a unique opportunity – I have access to training that you can’t get anywhere else. I am working with amazing people who are dedicated, smart, and love coming to work. You don’t find that everywhere.”


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