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“To all those who have helped my family, in our extreme time of need, and who continue to help my family, I am writing this to you to try to express my sincere gratitude.

When my family and I first came to KCR to seek help, I admit I was quite skeptical...but you all proved us wrong. You welcomed us with open arms and listening ears. Its surprised me, and humbled me, all at the same time. Last year, my family and I had to endure the most painful year, more than anyone should ever have had to endure in a lifetime.

We were at rock bottom literally. All we had was each other and our faith. Ray and I as parents had to make the choice between paying for a place for the kids to lay their heads or selling our material belongings. First and foremost, our kids had to have a place to lay their heads and food in their stomachs. We luckily never had to sleep in our five-seat passenger car, but we were in sleazy motels, and sometimes we did not have a warm meal to eat, but we still ate.”

This was from a letter from a family who was enrolled in one of KCR’s case managed housing programs. The letter continues describing how their lives changed: “I don’t cry myself to sleep at night anymore, wondering where my children will sleep or what they will eat. I can cry happy tears because they have a place to call their own! They have their own room to mess up, clean up, play in and sleep in. It’s theirs, as long as their father and I stay focused on our long range goals. I really want to make sure that I convey to all of you that what you do at KCR everyday, every week and every month is not for nothing. Your genuine kindness and willingness to help families touches lives, helps lives, helps families...it helps create a chance for hope, ...don’t ever stop—I cannot thank you enough.”

Thank you,

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