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Tammy PepiWhen it Happened:
This is a unique story and predicated a special award at our graduation ceremony for the 2006/2007 program year. It is the only one ever presented by KCR/AmeriCorps to a member. The circumstances surrounding this award were so heroic that we felt it necessary to recognize this member’s extraordinary efforts.

Throughout our program we provide training in CPR/FA, Civic Engagement, Community Emergency Response Team and Emergency Preparedness. At times we sometimes wonder if the training really sinks in. We validated that it does in one spectacular example in July of 2007.

What Happened:
On Monday, July 23rd one of out tutors at Kitsap Lake Elementary arrived at her home to the sounds of a gunshot and blood curdling screams. She had her children with her and sent them into her home while she called 911, stayed on the phone while she spoke with the people in the apartment next to hers to ascertain if the gun was still there and inquired if it was safe to enter and assist. She entered the home, made sure it was safe, saw a man bleeding from the face from a gunshot wound, calmed the woman standing next to the man, applied pressure on the man’s wounds, simultaneously treating him for shock and waited for emergency services to arrive.

After the police and EMT’s arrived she related her story to the police and went down to her family. Her efforts allowed sufficient time for the wounded man to be transported to a hospital where he survived. Her heroic actions reflected great credit upon the AmeriCorps program and are a testimony of “doing the right thing under extreme pressure”. Her willingness to take personal action under such dangerous and uncertain circumstances testifies that in this case, training and preparedness were not only learned but applied in the heat of the moment. When we spoke with Tammy, we asked her what she was thinking prior to taking the action she did. She stated that she had remembered the Civic Engagement session where a large group of New York citizens had stood by and allowed a woman to be murdered while they took no action. She said she resolved then and there that she was going to get involved. What more could you ask as a program supervisor than the extraordinary efforts exerted by this member?

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