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Known as the “Weld Jig Queen” by her co-workers at Boeing, Marilyn worked over 23 years in Everett, commuting from Hansville and later Poulsbo every morning on the 5:10 am boat. She worked hard to earn that title and respect when she became the first woman hired in the tooling department.

Now a retiree, she enjoys sleeping late and skipping the make-up, but she still wouldn’t call this her “Golden Years.” A heart attack, an aortic aneurysm, and vision problems have slowed her down a bit, but she keeps herself busy by serving as the Assistant Manager of the Poulsbo Mobile Home Park where she lives.

“I live on a limited income, and everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. Especially my medical and prescription costs. But I don’t let it get to me. I won’t give up. I have too many things to live for.”

Now a great-grandmother, Marilyn’s son comes up from Oregon to help her chop wood for the stove and clear the leaves off the roof. She contacted Kitsap Community Resources last fall about their Weatherization services when the roof of her 24-year old mobile home began leaking.

The Weatherization team set her up with a new roof, two new bathroom fans, an energy-efficient refrigerator, and new insulation under the house.

“It was just fantastic. The floor is quieter and warmer. I can burn the stove for half the day and turn it off rather than running it all night and day. I am so much more comfortable.”

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